The Edify Approach

“Differentiated and Adaptive Teaching” are by no account new educational trends however, these teaching strategies are slowly becoming a lived experience for many students. Whether you found your child has fallen into the learning gap, exacerbated by the pandemic, or your child has become fatigued with the monotony of rote learning in school, differentiated and adaptive learning is more than likely the solution to the problem at hand.

While extra learning opportunities are most commonly associated with the aim to support students who struggle with a concept, require additional practice, or merely need an alternative method of explanation and instruction, we at Edify have found that many more of our students are turning to us for our personalised learning approach in order to improve their thinking, dynamic problem solving and their ability to apply their knowledge to solve problems beyond the scope of the required school level.

The small-group setup implemented in our Edify classes enables our educators to tailor each lesson to the students’ school requirements and curriculum standards while still allowing the students to work at a pace that is conducive to their learning experience. Our adaptive learning approach does not mean the students only work on the areas of their choosing, but rather that they dictate the speed at which they progress through the content guided by the structure and support presented by our Edify educators. In the event that a student is excelling in a topic, our educators will allocate higher-order thinking questions where the students are given the opportunity to solve problems that are applicable in real-world scenarios, therefore activating the highest level of thinking. If a student is struggling, the process is slowed down and our educators break it down to the fundamentals, identifying where in the instructional period the student misunderstood or misinterpreted the explanations.