Bryanston School

Grade 1 to Grade 12

“We know nothing helps a child learn as much as a great teacher.”
– Secretary Margaret Spellings USA

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  • Differentiated learning
  • Personal Attention
  • Highly Qualified Teachers
  • Adapted Teaching


How does a student enrol at edify?

To enrol your child, you can fill in the enrolment form on the website (LINK) or you can download the enrolment form and forward the completed enrolment form to

How many lessons can my child attend per month?

Learners attend 2 lessons per week, which translates to 8-10 lessons per month depending on how the weeks fall into each month.

What is the class size and the student to teacher ratio at Edify?

Edify doesn’t do 1-1 lessons for two reasons. 

Firstly we find that the students are much more relaxed when they have other kids in the room with them. This translates to a better working environment, which in turn improves their marks to a bigger extent. 

Secondly Edify only employs highly qualified varsity graduates, who are experts in their respective fields of study. Due to our teachers being highly qualified with a wealth of experience they can easily assess where each child area of need lies. 

Group sizes at Edify differ according to age and subject, but will always range between 1:3 and 1:5.  

How will Edify communicate with me about my child’s progress?

Teachers at Edify provide a detailed monthly report on the progress of each learner to their parents via email. This is important to us because parents are active stakeholders in the process of learning and development of each learner. Parents can also contact the teacher if they have questions about the learners’ progress.

What makes Edify stand out from other schools?

Edify prides itself on its ability to provide differentiated learning to the individual learner. Every learner is met at their point of need according to their level of readiness for particular tasks. Teachers select tasks in a manner that is progressive and pushes each learner from their current level of cognitive ability to the next.

Are there online lessons for who live far or are unable to make it to face to face lessons?

Learners do have the option to attend either online lessons or face to face lessons. Our online lessons are aligned to our face-to-face lessons, are of great quality, using state of the art equipment to ensure a prime learning experience for learners.

Our beautiful center is in Bryanston, where we offer Core Maths, Advanced Program Mathematics and Afrikaans for students from Grade 1 to Grade 12

The programme is designed by qualified teachers as we believe it is an important factor in raising student’s achievements. Students are also assisted by highly trained tutors to ensure every student is fully attended to.

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