Junior Maths & Science Play Program

The first month of Edify’s Junior Maths & Science Play Program was a hit!

Edify’s Junior Maths & Science Play Program caters for students aged 3 years old to Grade R. The lessons are currently available at the Houghton and Bryanston (Hurlingham) school on Wednesdays and Fridays. The Edify Program was developed to instil a curiosity and love for learning in our younger students. The lessons are 45 minutes of fun and educational games, where the students partake in immersive experiments that are designed to help them understand how maths and sciences are interwoven in the world around us. The theme for March was “The Water Cycle”, students learnt the water cycle song and can tell you all about evaporation, condensation and precipitation. For more information on our new program, send us an enquiry and we’ll call you back to answer all your questions and start the enrolment process. We look forward to April’s theme, THE UNIVERSE!

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